Melodyne Editor Beta Preview

Celemony product designer Stefan Lindlahr introduces the beta test for Melodyne Editor and DNA (Direct Note Access).

DNA technology is designed to allow the editing of individual chord tones in audio recordings. This will let you do things like change a track from major to minor, edit one instrument out of a mix and, in general, edit notes in polyphonic recorded audio.

Lindlahr shows you how to download and install the beta version of Melodyne editor, how to load audio files and how they are organized on your hard disk.

More information on the Celemony Melodyne Editor beta program is available at the Celemony site.

Part 2: Basic operation of the new features

In this part, Stefan guides you through some of the new features that have been introduced with Melodyne editor, such as navigation and zooming techniques, playback options, monitoring, etc.

Part 3: Advanced operation: Editing and Note Assignment

The beta test for Melodyne editor and DNA (Direct Note Access) has started! In this third part, Stefan edits polyphonic recordings with the groundbreaking DNA technology. This includes Copy & Paste as well as the new Note Assignment mode. And a little bit of theory …

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