Multitouch MIDI Control Surface For Propellerhead Reason

This is a demo of a multitouch MIDI control surface for Propellerhead Reason.

via visheshl:

multitouch table mtmini configured to be used as multitouch midi control surface with reason.

thanks to seth sandler for the awesome tutorial to build the mtmini.

visit and if u want to build one for yourself.

also thanks to mr greg kullum for the surface-editor application.

how it works?

its a simple box which has a webcam inside,the camera tracks the fingers touching the surface, an application called ‘community core vision’ picks up the images and transforms them into tuio signals, not the surface editor application takes these as input and moves whichever control is touched. and then sends out the assigned midi message.
which is picked up by reason…and voila…a multitouch control surface.

my template can control
nn19,nnxt,subrtactor,thor,maelstrom— mod envelopes,amp envelopes,filters,level,pan etc. redrum levels,pan,and u can play drums on the surface.

im putting in more functions into it.
let me know if u need the reason-controlsurface file for surface-editor.

2 thoughts on “Multitouch MIDI Control Surface For Propellerhead Reason

  1. Fantastic!

    I wonder if you could give more info about 2 things:
    1) the list of MIDI commands that control Reasons synthesizers
    2) a software, which real time detects inputs from camera

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