Animated Music Video Offers 100 Percent Fun

This 100% fun stop-motion animated video is for do bem – Açaí Juice 100% fruit.

Creation Direction: Hardcuore

Art direction, design and animation: Breno Pineschi and Rafael Cazes

Design assistent: Luiza Rosa

Photography: Breno Pineschi

Soundtrack: “Tic Tic Tac – Carrapicho” (João Brasil Tecnobrega’s Remix)

Sound Effects: João Brasil

Special thanks to: Marcos Leta, Pedro Seiler, Fernando Young, Joana Angert and Tamires Marino

Date: Set 2009

Duration: 1’00”

One thought on “Animated Music Video Offers 100 Percent Fun

  1. I dunno about that specific item, but if it looked anything like

    then you’re talking Bruce Bickford, who did a nice fistful of work for Frank Zappa. You can see the best offering on the video “The Amazing Mr. Bickford.” If I’m mistaken, big deal; I’m just 3 ducks in a man costume.

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