Drum Sequencer – A New Drum Machine For The iPhone

iPhone music software: This is a sneak preview of Drum Sequencer, a drum machine/groovebox for the Apple iPhone.

It’s expected to be released Sept 24th, 2009.


Drum Sequencer is a drum beat composing application. It’s designed for example DJ’s, live performances, practicing, interactive composing or just for fun.

Amaze yourself with this app. Discover the basics of drum beats, doodle around and use your imagination to find new exotic rhythms. You don’t have to be a DJ or live artist to sound like them.

App features:

  • easy & fast use user interface for situations where you just want to evolve the beat quickly
  • multiple drum sets (with high quality 44kHz sounds)
  • realtime effects for each instrument (for example really nasty sounding distortion)
  • bank & pattern for storing your best bits
  • easy switching between patterns for example live performance
  • tap tempo
  • easy syncing to existing beat, song or any kind of fixed rythm

via zapallalla

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