This Video May Ruin Cherished Memories Of Your Childhood

Warning: This video may ruin cherished memories of your childhood – especially if you’re over 40 and you once liked Sesame Street, the Ed Sullivan show, happy synth pop, young women in miniskirts or psychedelic wonderlands.

Synthesist Dana Countryman shared this bizarre psychedelic Mooged-out video from a 1969 Ed Sullivan Show.

It features Sesame Street’s Big Bird, dancing with the June Taylor Dancers to the happy synth pop Jean-Jacques Perry track, Minuet of the Robots. The clip uses Perrey’s original Vanguard Records’ recording, but, later in the song, the CBS Studio Orchestra joins in.

While the video may be a little traumatizing, Perrey’s happy synth pop is as insanely catchy as ever.

Countryman has toured in recent years with Perrey, performing Perrey’s synth pop classics live.

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