Octavian iPhone Music Calculator

iPhone Music Software: This is a demo video of Octavian (App Store link), a $2.99 iPhone Keyboard Calculator.

With Octavian, you can:

  • Quickly find scales and chords and transpose them to any root note
  • View any mode of any scale
  • View chords in root position and first, second, and third inversions
  • Build chords on any scale degree
  • Use Scale Explore to view all scales that contain the notes of the current chord
  • Use Chord Explore to identify chords built on the degrees of a scale
  • Traverse the Circle of Fifths by holding down the note selector for 1.5 seconds
  • View scales/chords as notes (C E G), intervals from the root (0 4 7), or intervals from the previous note (0 4 3).

NOTE Octavian is NOT a synth. It makes no sound. Bitnotic hopes to make Octavian THE music theory app for the iPhone.

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