Remixing with Propellerhead Record and Reason

In this tutorial, Adam Dorn (aka Mocean Worker) uses Propellerhead Record, along with Propellerhead Reason, to do a remix for UK soul singer Alice Russell’s song All alone.

Propellerhead Record is a new audio recording application for Mac and Windows that is designed to match the simplicity and reliability of Reason.

via PropellerheadSW

One thought on “Remixing with Propellerhead Record and Reason

  1. niceeee…. I've always used reason and loved it, now record gives so many more possibilities with the great format of Reason, can't wait to get it in a few weeks.
    My question is… does record allow you to "drag and drop" whole wav songs/acapellas (not just rex samples) into your sequencer?
    From the video I guess that's how he got the stems in…. just making sure.
    thank you

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