A Demo Of The Bizarre Tonal Plexus Keyboard

This is a demo of the bizarre H-Pi Tonal Plexus microtonal control keyboard.

Not for the faint of heart – the Tonal Plexus is designed for getting your microtonal jam on.

If any readers are using the Tonal Plexus, leave a comment and a link to examples of what you’re doing with it.

via AaronAndrewHunt:

Letter names for key regions are shown, followed by diatonic and chromatic halfsteps subdividing the fifth. Find out more about the Tonal Plexus at http://www.h-pi.com

One thought on “A Demo Of The Bizarre Tonal Plexus Keyboard

  1. This is a really cool way to represent the relationships between notes. However, I just can't get past the fact that it looks like a bunch of Legos.

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