How Windows 7 Will Effect Music Production

windows-7-audioCakewalk has published an interesting look at Windows 7 for audio production:

Q: In what ways has Windows 7 been optimized, in terms of performance, for audio production?

A: Windows 7 on the surface is very similar to Windows Vista. It has the same audio driver support and same audio system infrastructure as Vista. However it’s some of the under hood improvements that are more significant for audio production. There are some interesting innovations and optimizations in the Windows kernel, making the OS more scalable for concurrent processing. This makes it attractive for highly multithreaded applications like SONAR. Additionally there are various new API’s/SDK’s that may be of significance to developers.

The article goes into exquisitely geeky detail, so it’s worth a read if you’re running Windows.

See, too, Peter Kirn’s equally geektacular Window 7 OS-porn at CDM.

3 thoughts on “How Windows 7 Will Effect Music Production

  1. Be very thoughtful before installing Windows 7 if you plan on using Ableton Live 8. Various VSTs will NOT work! I have the same version installed on 3 other computers. The VSTs that do not work in Windows 7 do work with my other computers running Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista x86. However the VSTs that do not work in Ableton Live 8 on my Windows 7 platform do work in other DAWs that I have tried on the same platform.

  2. @killa – Ah, how horribly butchered the English language has become. Cakewalk needs to hire a proofreader.

    I'll want to see if Reason, NI Komplete, and iZotope Ozone are going to be Windows 7-friendly in the near future. That comprises the bulk of my production software. Can't wait to build a new Windows 7 music production laptop!

    Any word if Windows 7 will help relieve the DPC (Delayed Procedure Call) latency issues that have plagued Vista machines?

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