Kraftwerk’s The Catalogue (2009 Digital Remasters)

This is a promo for Kraftwerk’s The Catalogue, 2009 digitally remastered releases of their most important albums.

The albums include:

  • Autobahn (1974)
  • Radio-Activity – (German title: Radio-Aktivität) (1975)
  • Trans-Europe Express – (German title: Trans-Europa Express) (1977)
  • The Man-Machine – (German title: Die Mensch-Maschine) (1978)
  • Computer World – (German title: Computerwelt) (1981)
  • Electric Café (1986) – (here given its original name of Techno Pop)
  • The Mix (1991)
  • Tour de France Soundtracks (2003) – (now titled Tour de France)

Individual albums will be available Oct 5th, and the box set Nov 16th.

The Catalogue (German title: Der Katalog) will be available as a boxed set of eight albums by Kraftwerk that were released from 1974 to 2003. All albums were digitally remastered, with most of the cover art redesigned, including rare photographs in the liner notes that were not part of each album’s original release.

“We’ve been digitally transferring all of Kraftwerk’s original recordings and sound sources from our badly degrading master tapes while our engineers, Fritz and Henning, have been working in parallel to remaster our early albums for re-release. So for the first time, our recordings will be available in crisp, clear Kling Klang sound with all the fold-out covers and images our label at the time either messed up or wouldn’t pay for. There will be some alternate mixes of tracks and some unedited versions, but unfortunately we don’t have much unreleased material. We never recorded extra songs or twenty different versions of the same song. We would complete a song and then move forward, always keeping very focused on one Kling Klang project at a time.”

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