New Marimba Vako Orchestron Sound Disc

This is a quick audio demo of the first new Vako Orchestron title since 1975, Marimba. is now taking pre-orders for this disc, which will retail for $99. The initial run will be limited to 25 copies, and they will require 15 pre-orders before going to press.

via peahix:

This is a recording of an acoustic marimba from the original Optigan/Orchestron master tapes. This particular sound never made it onto any Optigan or Orchestron disc… until now! P

lease note that my Orchestron is not in the greatest health, and I also live close to some radio towers that cause some pretty bad interference. Hum, buzz, radio intereference and the occasional scratchy key contact should be disregarded in your evaluation of the quality of the marimba sound.

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