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  1. I looked at this video last year and did not understand it, but now after studying max a bit more, I do understand it. A useful video, but the image resolution could be better.

  2. I have seen the PROS and CONS of the Ipod Touch and Ipad, and Iphone. I think there has to be a couple of distinctions made here. I have been producing for 8 years and Djing for 12 Live. The current generation of folks out there are strictly DAW and USB Controllers – which I fall into. This generation runs on not paying for Music really, and downloading everything before they buy it. Do tools like the Ipod Touch , Iphone – cheapen the value of Music?! Well it depends on who you ask.

    Old school Studio Heads are pretty straightforward in saying that the sheer flood of Music, ranging in quality from homemade shit with little effort – to extreme production quality amazing Music- is watering down Music all together. It certainly is Music overload out there right now. What im finding is that guys are making great tracks, but not paying attention to how it sounds – mastering – mixing – etc.

    There is also a group of lazy Musicians who just cut and paste loops, do no composing , randomly mash sounds together- and that is what alot of these apps do. Infact many of them thrive and advertise on having little to no Musical Knowledge, some programs are even constructing entire tracks now using Logical Based Algorthym that can randomize beats on the fly and literally make the Music for you. I dont care how you cut it- that is not talent- stealing someone elses sounds and mashing them together does not make you worthy of being signed to a label.

    The Mac Products like the ipod, ipad, and iphone are innovative and have a place in live performance. They could be used as cool tools, or something to jam on – say as a trigger pad- but they are absolutely not capable of running DAW programs like Ableton, Reason, or FL Studio- not to mention the more intensive hogs like Cubase, Logic or Pro Tools. however, with that being said- there is nothing wrong with using it as another tool in your kit. But dont expect to become Deadmau from using an Ipod Touch program..because it wont happen.

    From spending many years in Clubs, the Ipad – will take a massive beating in a club. Humidity, Moisture and its seemingly bare minimum specs – 256 megs of ram- would make it a tool – not a standalone piece of gear. Besides, who would pay to watch someone goof off on a 10 inch screen>?!

    It seems like as more producers are getting involved, there is portion of them that seem to want technology to do more and more work. It will get to the point where the Terminator 2 prophecy will be fulfilled, and guys will just stand around while Computers and Ipads do all the work. What do you then?! Sign an Ipad to a record Label?

    I think the reason why alot of Producers roll their eyes as these 'must have ' items is that they are NOT must have and do in some way cheapen the value of music. Bashing out some loops on a 3 inch screen doesnt make you Liberace or Slash, at some point you will have to transfer that to a Wav file and port it into a DAW to make use of it. The MAC craze is just that, Steve Jobs is incredibly good at getting people to believe in Mac products like a religion.

    Macs are – no better or less- then any PC available. It will always come down to the tools you have – and what YOU do with them as a producer. Infact, the insides of even the most modern Mac laptops are not that impressive- Macs excel at doing more with less. However, the price tag is also – paying more for less.

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite Laptop to replace my nearly 9 year old Satelite that still works but the screen has gone green. For 500 flat, I have a a dual core 2.6 ghz machine that has 4 gigs of ram, a 500 gig hard drive- the point is – that is more then enough for a live show. The cheapest Mac doesnt start until at least $1000.00.

    Nothing is a substitute for hard work, and creativity. I see these devices as Batman sees the toys in his belt, tools for a larger picture- but not the whole picture- if you think you can become an accomplished musician with portable devices like the ipad or iphone- you are smoking crack.

  3. I also want to clarify my previous post to make sure that I am not insulting anyone. When I said the current generation of producers isnt paying for Music or Downloading Torrent versions of Software/VSTS- I did not mean everyone – and I know there are lots of folks paying for Music and Programs. Infact, many of the VSTs and Programs available owe in a big way – whether you like it or not – to the exposure/exploitation that comes from downloaded stuff that has been cracked and not paid for. If you arent making money from it, fine..but if you are – pay for the stuff..

    They keep shoving social networking down our throat to the point where we are choking on it, I mean – how many hours a day is there available/ What if you work full time? Also- to be honest- shoving music down peoples throats with the seemingly endless Facebook requests get ignored- I get 100 messages a day on facebook from artists that are pumping tracks in your face, emailing you, and mass emailing people with no personal touch..

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