Muzemazer Intros Chromavoder Harmonizer

muzeman-chromavoderMuzemazer has introduced the Chromavoder, a musical instrument harmonizer featuring two voices of polyphonic chromatic transposition with an eight octave range, breakthrough physics simulation for naturally transposed sound without delay or artifacts and the playable feel of a tuned musical instrument.


  • Two independent voices each transposing individual notes and chords
  • Chromatic interval transposition down or up as much as four octaves
  • Natural sounding physics simulation without delay or artifacts
  • An instrument itself with an eight octave extended-piano range
  • Custom programmed module for ToneCore pedals and docks

The Muzemazer Chromavoder is a custom programmed module designed for use with all Line 6 ToneCore pedals and docks. Chromavoder simulates an analog circuit or physical device that harmonically multiplies chromatic tones.

The Muzemazer Chromavoder retails for $360. Audio demos are available at the Muzemazer site.

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