4 thoughts on “Mobile Bike Rave Gets Busted!

  1. that was so awesome when those guys rolled up around the corner…. a great end to the dbfest! The man on bike's the awesome Time Exile who'd played an amazing set before Reagenz and Alter Ego that night…

  2. I talked to one of Splatnium guys:

    "The cop was actually pretty cool. Of course there were 5
    people with IPhones recording him so I guess it was in his best interest
    not to be a dick.

    He told us to pack it up or he'd fine us $500 and confiscate our rig. He
    was pretty nice about it, not at all aggro. So we politely agreed and then
    hung out for a few minutes talking to people about who we were etc… and
    then headed home."

    BTW you can find them at http://www.splatinum.com
    Their first album available as a free download in mix form.

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