8 thoughts on “Ableton Live Tips: Transpose Clips With A MIDI Keyboard

  1. This is a great feature. Thanks for posting. I was wondering if it is possible to trigger this transpose behaviour of the clip by sending midi in to the track from another midi track. What I was hoping to achieve was recording the transposed information into the clip in session view, sort of midi overdubbing the clip data but the only way I can find to do this is actually recording into the arrangement the real time transposed clips and then consolidating the transposed as one region and dragging them back to the session view as a newly transposed clip. I tried midi mapping some key values to a clip in session view and then recording some midi notes onto a different track and routing that to the track with the mapped clip but it didn’t seem to work. Live didn’t want to record on the midi track untill I unmapped the key values from the clip track ?

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