New MIDI-Controlled Animated Skull

This is pretty much the best Halloween music gag ever – the MIDI-Controlled animated skull.

Last year, when we covered the keyboard-controlled animated skull, it was still a hack. This year, you can buy it off the shelf at Division 6.

If you get one of these, make a video and leave a link below!


This MIDI-controlled animated skull has eyes that light up and a mouth that moves. Connect it to a computer to create your own custom animations. Use it by itself or as part of a larger prop.

This particular version of the skull has eyeballs that light up white. A clear skull is also available, along with one with scary red eyes.

MIDI Implementation:

Send note-on/note-off events to the skull to make the mouth open/close and the eyes turn on/off.

  • Note 60 (C4): Mouth
  • Note 61 (C#4): Eyes


  • Skull
  • Custom MIDI Cable
  • 3 AA Batteries (installed)

Division 6 also sells a kit to MIDIfy Your Skull or other props with motors & LEDs. (Talking Bass, anyone?)

Make ran an article on hacking the skull last year, too.

via Matrix

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