11 Unusual Covers Of Kraftwerk’s The Model

Kraftwerk is arguably the most influential band in electronic music over the last 40 years.

Das Modell is one of their most popular tracks – and it’s also one of their most frequently covered tracks.

Kraftwerk plays it today remarkably similar to how they did it thirty years ago. Here are some version from the last 30 years that aren’t so faithful to the original.

Give them a look – and let me know your favorite cover in the comments!

Das Modell, Mit Ukulele, Melodica Und Akustischer Gitarre

Rammstein’s Das Model

The Cardigans’ Das Model

Triology’s String Quartet Version Of Das Modell

David Byrne and the Balanescu Quartet – The Model

Nullsleep’s 8-bit Cover

Folky Cover with Banjolele

The Model, On Ukulele

Big Black

Generator’s Techno Version

Ska-esque Version

12 thoughts on “11 Unusual Covers Of Kraftwerk’s The Model

  1. Kraftwerk are special because they could create long, sprawling epics but also develop catchy pop songs like "The Model". A lot of electronic musicians' output tends to veer down one corridor or another, but Kraftwerk had it right in the near-beginning.

    I'm still lusting for a Kraftwerk-Tangerine-Dream collab, tho.

  2. Indeed, Kraftwerk always promote the idea of the "Man-Machine" where there is harmony between the machine + operator as opposed as opposed to a situation where the machine has dominance – Gus (Gugug)

  3. Senor Coconut did some really cool Kraftwerk covers also.
    Though, not The Model which I thought he also did, so maybe a bit of topic.
    Still, great album; El Baile Aleman


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