Electro-Music 2009 Update

electro-music-2009Electro-Music 2009 – a three day electronic music conference & music festival – will be held at the Star Lake Camp in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, October 29 – 31, 2009.

The scope of this festival is very broad, covering all aspects of electro-music: experimental electronic music, circuit bending, computer music, electro-jazz, modular synthesis, musique concrete, improvisation, algorithmic composition, multi-media, visual art and much more. The focus will be on participant involvement, sharing, community development, audience education, and great music.

Seminars will include:

Multiple Looping Mechanisms
Deerhorn Project installation
creative instrument design
Directions in Ambient Bass
Introduction to Circuit Bending
30 Second Sampler Bending Workshop
Internet Marketing and Promotion
Music Publishing – Getting Your Songs Placed in Film/TV
Rob Hordijk
DIY Workshop – The Benjolin
Rob Hordijk
Topics in DIY (seminar)
Les Hall
ChucK and Guitar Invention demonstration
The ZONE: A.C.I.D.S (Autonomous Collaborative Interactive Dance Situation)
Modular Synthesis basics with the Aries  Modular Synthesizer
performance system seminar
Steve Lerner
Weird Blinking Lights – Modcan modular demo
Classic Circuits for Audio Synthesis
Joker Nies
DIY Workshop – The Zeitgeist
Michael O’Bannon
Generating Sound and Music with Brainwaves
Interactive Video Software
Ten Years of the Ricochet Gathering
Experiments in Synthesis
Doug Slocum
Timesteps Explored (demonstration)
Sampling and Looping with Nintendo DSi

See the event site for additional details.

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