Logic Pro 9 Review

Sonic State takes a look at Apple’s Logic Pro 9. In the review, SS’s Nick Batt focuses on new features, like Flex Time, Edit Groups, Convert to Sample Track, Bounce in Place and Quick Swipe Comping and Import.

He summarizes his thoughts on the upgrade at the Sonic State site.

Are you using Logic Pro 9? If so, leave a comment with your thoughts on it.

4 thoughts on “Logic Pro 9 Review

  1. Nick Batt gives a good overview in this 12 minute video. He Demonstrates what can be done with Flex editing, and primarily focuses in on this new feature. I would say it is good review. He doesn't really touch on the other enhancements in Logic's update. The pedalboard is a huge addition to Logic along with all the effect plugins and virtual amps that are included in it. If it had been me giving the review, I would make a quick point that Logic 9 just runs better and smoother. Overall though, Nick did a good job. Thats my 2 ¢'s

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