Christian Bannister’s Amazing Multi-Touch Interactive Sound Visuals

Sunday Synth Jam: This is the latest video demo of Christian Bannister‘s work in progress, Touch Loop Navigator (name subject to change!) – a multi-touch sound manipulation program.

A few months back, we featured Bannister’s Low Frequency Entity. He’s been busy since then.

I love how this combines VJ and DJ concepts, with some hardcore sound manipulation, in an interface that not only looks like it would be fun to use, but would be fun an audience, too.

New in this build of the app:

  • 3D sound visuals for the texture of the sound.
  • Switching between song segments with controller (old Kaoss pad in front of screen) and no I am not using Live (yet)
  • Random color when new sound is selected
  • Integration of the joystick array (my Costa Rica project 2007.12.28)
  • Real-time effect controls (distortion, bitcrush, delay/feedback, timestretch FX)
  • Zoom and rate control of the sound
  • One shot effects on USB keypad next to the controller

“The essence of a new instrument is simply an elegant and effective method for manipulating sound,” says Bannister.

This is one of the most interesting new electronic music interfaces in a long time – and, it looks like a taste of the future.

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