Imogen Heap’s First Train Home

This is Imogen Heap‘s self-directed video for her single First Train Home.

via imogenheap:

This is the First Train Home alternative video I directed. I came up with the idea in a cab on the way home late one night and filmed it the next week.

It’s shot in the room I wrote the song in, which is above my studio where I recorded Ellipse. It’s me and a load of my friends I borrowed for the day to boss around. We had great fun, some great curry (from my local takeaway.. the best for mies!) and later a few of us sat around the bonfire outside and carried on the night together. It felt like a little mini album finishing party for me.

So many of you have been following and getting involved in Ellipse and after all the vblogs and tweets it felt wrong to do a video that was so impersonal which I felt the original one was. Even a bit cold and detached. This new video won’t win any awards but I felt I wanted to make it. Some of the people dancing about have been around me so much during the making of Ellipse.

Justine is the “goat woman shooting from the goat cam” who’s been filming all my blogs and “the making of Ellipse” DVD. Dracula is helping us with it too and filming on occasion.

Paul (man in catsuit) has been with me since the start of building “The Hideaway” (my studio) in the old playroom. I can thank Sue Denim (Robots in Disguise – girl in catsuit) for getting him into it!

Oli – cute guy in black and white jumper played violin on the album.

Luci – in blue dress, was my artist in residence/ house help for a year while we built the studio and I later began recording.

Angela (in fame outfit) is my personal trainer who has been coming over to the house twice a week to put me through my lanky paces.

jennie (blond in black dress gracefully moving around) is my Personal Assistant and has been responsible for being in touch with many of you regarding the album artwork.

So there we go… the list goes on. Good times. Hope you enjoy it. The odd thing of course is that this is my IDEAL party and not at all the party I was singing about… which I desperately didn’t want to be a part of… and got on the first train out of Brighton to get away from it.

Man in white suit jacket is my radio plugger, guy in grey leotard is Paul who built my studio.

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