Is This The Future Of Ableton Live?


Marco Kuhn’s Play Box is a multi touch user interface, which, along with his Play Live software, can control Ableton Live.

Play Box Features:

  • multi-touch and object interaction
  • 22 ” TFT display , 1680 x 1050 pixel
  • robust
  • plug`n play


Play Live Features:

  • GUI Elements support multitouch interaction
  • you can control 32 tracks and 127 scenes, that are 4064 clips
  • track controls mute, solo, record, send1, send2, pan, level

Kuhn hopes to build and sell Play Box & Play Live. No availability or pricing information has been announced.

More details at the Hi-Pi site and at CDM.

4 thoughts on “Is This The Future Of Ableton Live?

  1. This is an uber stupid controller…the box is huge only for a touchscreen and it doesn't have a tilt it is supposed to be played, by standing on it? 😛 The futrure of Ableton's Live is in multitouch laptop screens and it isn't very far from reality..

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