Live Version Of Crystal Method’s High Roller

This percussive synth jam is OrbVroomer’s drumKat take on Crystal Method’s High Roller.

The drumKat is percussion control surface that features 10 velocity sensitive MIDI triggers.

via OrbVroomer:

Only two little synth notes not triggered live here.

The L.I.S.A trigger plays those.

Everything else is live playing.

I start with a mono drone synth note, then fill in the rest of the notes in that driving pattern. That pattern is then layered under the drum line. All it needs now is for the real CM’s sounds on top to conquer my sonic lameness.

Devices used: DrumKat, MidiKiti, Pole pads, DIY Triggers-LISA (piezo) , DIY WEEL Trigger, Hat pedal, Yamaha pedal, 4 foot switches, Mapper, E-MU XL-1.E-MU Orbit V2, Korg MS2000BR, A & H Mix Wizard.

Orb Vroomer is an electronic performance musician. Synthesizers & MIDI interfaces programmed by Orb. Custom Vroomulator rig designed & built by Orb.

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