PopKid 2000’s Playboy’s Bend


La Film Fabrique
Playboy’s Bend
Mefamo et le collectif Physalis

Production/ Jonas Luyckx
Réalisation et cadre/ Jonas Luyckx
Avec/ Caroline Dehareng
Amandine Bevalot
Marie Airo
Alice Piette
Emilie Hermans
pour le collectif Physalis
Estelle Bibbo
Ornella Vernica
Melody Willams

Montage/ John Pirard
DOP/ Shaban Krasniqi

Avec le soutien de Oxfam solidarité et de Jules Gazon

2 thoughts on “PopKid 2000’s Playboy’s Bend

    1. It’s not you. This composition is completely Hall & Oates, meaning it was nouveau thirty years ago. Videos like this are why I keep going back to Mozart and the Modern Jazz Quartet. I need to hear real music.
      All I know is, Vimeo’s buffering SUCKS. It’s not even rudimentary, let alone intelligent. How difficult is it for a client to detect that it is feeding too fast, stuttering all over the place as it is, and adjust accordingly? I guess it’s too difficult or expensive or whatever to do things right these days.

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