Supersynths Intros Monstrous Horror Synth


Supersynths have introduced Monstrous Horror Synth – a new software synth for Windows that specializes in “horrific and scary sound effects, spooky instruments and massive percussion.”

It’s packed with creepy sounds, including laughter, screams and door creaks, and the standard scary movie instruments (organ, theremin, etc.)

Monstrous retails for $20. Details below.


From howling phantasms to children screaming and ghostly breathing to things that definitely go bump in the night, the vocal section has plenty of cool material to get your macabre juices flowing. And for your composing pleasure, a nice little creepy vocal choir is thrown in as well.

Mellow trumpets, modelled brass strikes and chalkboard screeching crescendos; there’s some brass for all tastes and palletes.

Evil strings and off-note sections bring another dimension to your productions. From the ugly to the sweet, there’s something here for you.

Pianos, organs and keys allow you to add evil passages and creepy notes. I’ve included a nice selection of weird and zany keyboards as well as a sweet grand piano and vibes that sound almost like a xylophone.

There’s some plucked instruments in there too – like a beautifully haunting six string guitar and a few other goodies.

There’s plenty of bass to go round. I’ve included some booming and rumbling sounds to shake any room. Acoustic and analog bass round out this section.

How about some massive percussion, creepy bells, cathedral chimes and all kinds of large-scale hits and strikes? Yep, that’s in Monstrous, too.

Lastly, there’s some really appropriate sound effects. You get electrical arcs, tesla zaps, thunderstorms, creaky doors, slams, laughs, evil phrases, monsters and much more.


  • 3 layers that take advantage of the 1.2GB sound library
  • MIDI channel selector for each layer
  • Amplitude (ADSR) envelope, detune and pan controls per layer
  • 3 advanced filters with ADSR control
  • 2 Send FX (Chorus and Delay) and Preverb – a reverb-like effect that you can also use as a send effect
  • 2 Master effects: a silky smooth reverb and tempo delay
  • MIDI automation (for use with your control surface)
  • Velocity Response

via SonicState

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