Plughugger Releases Zero Soundset For Ableton Live


Ableton Live 8: Plughugger’s Carl Löfgren has announced the release of Zero, a new soundset for the Ableton Operator synthesizer.

Requirements: Ableton Live 8 and Operator.
Format: Ableton Operator format. All sounds are available as separate patches.
Number of sounds: 150/150 (150 dry plus 150 with effects from Ableton Live).
Style: Bass and lead sounds for modern electronic music.
Price: €9.90


Zero is a soundset for Ableton Operator that partly goes back to the basics of synthesis, but quickly heads off into the oblivion of modern dance music. Although the general image of Operator is that it’s an FM-synthesizer – it’s actually a hybrid of FM and traditional subtractive synthesis.

Zero is a toolbox for electronic music, made up by 150+150 bass and lead sounds. Sorry lovers of pads – no luck this time. Although Operator certainly is capable for pads and atmospheric sounds – it’s with leads and basses where it excels. There are 150 clean dry Operator sounds plus another 150 sounds where there are chains of effects from Ableton Live, often resulting in a drastically different sound.

This was a soundset that could have been in development for ever. Once you get the grips of Operator, it is a seriously fun synthesizer to program, especially when you start to dive into the subtractive/FM hybrid algorithms. The material that resulted in Zero were picked out from almost 300 hundred sounds.

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  1. Hey I bought these today and they are very nice, especially the basses – worth every bit the cost of a lunch – save some time and get them you won't be sorry

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