Check This Out – A Velocity Sensitive Virtual Drum Machine For The iPhone

Check this video out – Wave Machine Labs has introduced iGOG (App Store link) – a $4.99 massive multisampled drum machine for the iPhone that offers velocity sensitive response!


  • 8 velocity sensitive drum pads using patent pending VelAUcity technology
  • Comes with 6 drum kits. More available through the built-in store
  • Load your own kits using standard wav, aif or Drumagog .gog files
  • Hi-hat and Ride pads change articulation as you slide across the pads
  • Built-in sequencer with standard midi file support
  • Sequencer features quantize, metronome, time signature, count-in, tempo and loop
  • Backing track mode lets you play and record sequences in perfect sync to an mp3 file
  • Mic trigger mode lets you play drums by tapping on objects, such as a table
  • Built-in file transfer mode allows you to copy files between iGOG and your computer
  • Mixdown feature lets you create an audio mix of your sequence


Borrowing technology from Drumagog iGOG features up to 384 multisampled drum hits per pad.

iGOG introduces the impossible: touch sensitive pads that respond to how hard you hit them! Using WaveMachine Labs own patent pending VelAUcity technology, iGOG accurately responds to your touch. The harder you strike the pads, the louder the drum hit. Finally, a drum machine that plays like a real kit.

Note: VelAUcity features are not available on iPod Touch.

Drumagog Technology iGOG contains a powerful drum sample engine which captures every nuance of a drum hit. Because a snare drum sounds different the harder it’s played, iGOG’s samples are packed with Dynamic Multisamples to ensure a faithful reproduction. iGOG’s Random Multisamples guarantee that no sample is ever played twice in a row, making rolls and flams sound realistic. Hi-hats take advantage of iGOG’s Positional Multisamples, which provide a smooth transition between closed and open styles. Simply slide your finger across the rectangular pad!

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  1. Velocity on an iphone…interesting…Has it got to do with the amount of the finger's surface that touch the screen? I suppose that when you hit harder the screen, finger skin takes instantly more space on the surface…

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