Percussa Announces AudioCubes Hands-On Workshops, With Inventor Bert Schiettecatte


Percussa has announced hands-on AudioCube workshops, led by AudioCube creator Bert Schiettecatte at his private workshop in Brussels:

Workshop description:

Starting with some theory, you will discover the history of AudioCubes, tangible interfaces, and their applications.

The practical part of the workshop will let you master the technical aspects of using AudioCubes in sound, music and visual creation, and let you work on your own project using AudioCubes.

Workshop duration:

One day.


250 EUR incl. VAT total per person

What you will learn:

A complete overview of the possibilities of AudioCubes and software in different scenarios for artistic creation (live performance, sound design, music production, installation work, …). A good understanding of all technical aspects.

Topics covered:

  • history of audiocubes
  • overview of tangible interfaces
  • why were audiocubes created / fundamental ideas
  • how audiocubes work
  • the audiocubes hardware
  • audiocubes software for live performance, sound design and music production
  • how to use audiocubes to control MIDI software and hardware
  • how to MIDI map audiocubes
  • how to use AudioCubes with Max/MSP

If any readers decide to go to this, leave a comment and let me know. I’d be interested in following up on your experience.

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