Moog Intros VST Little Phatty Editor

little-phatty-editorMoog has announced the VST Little Phatty Editor, a VSTi application that provides full control and editing of Little Phatty presets and performance controls via MIDI, from within your VST-compatible host application.

The following actions are supported:

  • Full editing of all Little Phatty preset parameters via MIDI CC messages
  • Automation of all LP parameters in real time through the VST host application
  • Save/Load presets to and from the Little Phatty
  • Presets can be saved in VST Editor format

Supported VST Hosts:

PC – Windows – VST 2.4

  • Steinberg Cubase SX 1-3, Nuendo 1-2
  • Mackie Tracktion 3
  • Imageline FL Studio (Fruity Loops) *see issues below
  • Energy XT
  • Cockos Reaper 3.11
  • Presonus Studio-One
  • Plogue Bidule
  • Tobybears’ MiniHost
  • Hermann Sieb’s VST Host

Mac – VST 2.4 (OSX)

  • Steinberg Cubase SX, Nuendo
  • Plogue Bidule
  • Mackie Tracktion
  • Cockos Reaper 3.11
  • Presonus Studio-One

VST Little Phatty Editor for PC and Mac is available now for $69 USD.

7 thoughts on “Moog Intros VST Little Phatty Editor

  1. A well respected company like Moog Music, should give editors like this for free (or a lot cheaper). If you count that you already paid a relatively small fortune for the Moog logo on a Little Phatty, the fact that they sell their editor at this price, its a "theft". In fact, i got a Little Phatty, and i thought…wow, i have a Moog synth now, but when i got into the site to register, i saw a ridiculous banner which said something like: "fill in the form with your personal details and you will get a great present which is….a magnificent Moog sticker!!!!" After all this money for the "moog sound" they don't even give a nice marketing gift (like a t-shirt) or a free editor…and no i don't believe that $1300 are a logical price for the specific product. It doesn't worth all this money and we mostly pay for the Moog name on it and of course the very basic Moogish sound.

    If you see their site, they try to make serious money out of everything they can sell…they even sell at a relatively high price their printed manual and even the dust cover for little phatty is a little expensive for what it really is..thy could have include this useful accessory inside the package for free…

  2. because its standalone, you wouldnt need to open this in Protools. its not a plugin its just a program that transmits midicc data to the synth, it will run in the background not impeding on PT except for using minimal processing power, if you really wanted a performance, you wouldnt be using an editor at all, its not like its going to do anything you can do by hand, esp on a monophonic, one handed keyboard, and in all reality you can figure out which midicc number applies to which control and do all of this in Protools without the editor even easier now with PT8 with the new playlist/ automation lane views

  3. I just bought a Little Phatty Stage II and wish I hadn’t. It is like a Fisher-Price monophonic synth.

    My Tetra and Blofeld, together, cost the same amount (used) and are way more fun to play with. I was an idiot to buy this thing. Nothing about it suggests that it should cost more than $700.

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