The Suzuki Omnichord, With A Demo Video That May Lead To Therapy

The Suzuki Omnichord – a sort of electronic autoharp – was first released in 1981, and is one of the bizarre electronic instrument that have lives beyond their original intent.

A completely unique design using a harmonic strumplate, directly linked to the chord buttons, meant a beginner could play in tune almost instantly, and a more accomplished musician would be able to accompany himself or another vocalist/soloist.

Instrument evolution saw additional sounds and rhythms, chord sequencer (ideal for composing or accompanying), MIDI, and finally a name change with the introduction of the Qchord.

In the video above, Casey Desmond introduces the Omnichord.

Below, Jolene Sugarbaker, trailer park queen, demonstrates some of instruments kitsch appeal.

In this last video, ElectricPony demonstrates the various functions of the Suzuki Omnichord.

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5 thoughts on “The Suzuki Omnichord, With A Demo Video That May Lead To Therapy

  1. Omni-chord without MIDI ? lame unless you bend it,

    but with MIDI? – it's a lot of fun with your synths imagine if Ms. Desmond had a DSI Prophet 08 in that video – but then the newer versions of the Omni used DSP chips which unfortunately ruel out bending/hacking

  2. Running the omnichord through dr. scientists sunny day delay pedal is the most heavenly sound I've ever heard and I don't think midi would make that sound any better. :3


  3. I recently had the privilege of seeing the band Black Moth Super Rainbow live and along with a cs-50 and a cs- 10 in there arsenal they played there song: Twin of Myself which has omnichord underneath it the whole time. Sounded realllllly great. lots of fun….

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