12 thoughts on “Ableton Live 8 Beat Mangling With Slice To MIDI

  1. it's a little unclear to me why folks post this type of "instructional" video with no explanation whatsoever; it's even more unclear as to why Synthtopia constantly posts these head scratchers.

  2. Actually, after some observation and testing it looks like he laid out the MIDI clip in the track view, and then added 8 Locator points at the top. He then mapped his keyboard to those Locator points. I tried it and it works pretty sweet. but I don't know how i'd record that kind of a performance.

  3. @Mike : So you mean it works only in the arrangement view ? Not in the session view ? Too bad for a live performance ! But yeah now I think about it, you're probably right !

  4. You can do the same thing in Session View. Just make as many MIDI clip duplicates as the slices you want (with different start positions), chain them with Follow Actions and map the clip triggers to your controller. This way, you can record it in the Arrangement View.

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