Advanced Akai APC40 Controller Programming With Ableton Live

This set of videos, by Darren Cowley, demonstrates some advanced programming techniques with the Akai APC40 & Ableton Live.

APC40 Customization (above):

This is a quick Vimeo about how i’ve used Bomes to modify the behaviour of the APC40 within Ableton Live.

Because of the high demand for the support of this template head over to to find details of how to get hold of a copy…..

This short film is mainly to act as inspiration to others as to what can be achieved with the APC with a little bit of effort and without Max for Live….

APC40 Customization – Scene Two (Pioneer Emulation):

This is a follow up to my first Vimeo whereby i use Bomes Midi Translator to create a new scene of functionality for the clip launch buttons on my APC40. This scene is designed to mimic the behaviours of my trusted CDJ’s and DJM600. WIth it instead of the standard mapping you can consider Ableton as a bank of 8 CDJ’s ready to play….

APC40 & Reaktor Ableton Template:

This vimeo demonstrates how i’ve set up my DJ template using Bomes Midi Translator to get the most functionality out of the APC40….

Much of the APC40 is fantastic but it’s the little things that annoy, like the pan banks not always returning to the last value known and a lack of being able to control all the filters across each track without hard wiring a control knob and then losing it’s other functionality…

As you can see this set up solves many of these problems and brings in the ability to use Live’s Looper on the fly along with various other beatmashing effects….

To use the template you must be on Live 8.0.5 or higher and be using the full version of Bomes Midi Translator 1.7, without these the template will simply not work….

To achieve the Beat Jumping, reverse etc. effect you’ll need to have a copy of the VST version of Reaktor….

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