Is This The Worst Use Of AutoTune Ever?

This is the video for 2GirlzFallin Angels, sent my way via Twitter by @podcastmama, who asks “Is this the worst use of AutoTune, ever?”

That’s a tough question to answer, but the video for Fallin’ Angels has a lot going for it:

  • Gratuitous rain shots? Check.
  • Generic trance beats and sounds? Check.
  • Vocalists lip-syncing non-existent harmony parts? Check.
  • Hot sisters competing to see who can wear the skeeziest outfit? Check.
  • Original lyrics? “I’m just a fallin’ angel, Loosing my religion, Trying hard to fly.” Check.
  • A special visit from the high school line-dancing strip squad? Check.
  • Classic 80’s style green-screen work? Check.
  • Vertical motorcycle riding? Check.

The AutoTuning is just the icing on the cake.

via stephenms

19 thoughts on “Is This The Worst Use Of AutoTune Ever?

  1. In their defense, Autotune in 2007 wasn't quite as overdone as it is now in 2009. But yeh, it's still quite hilarious. Especially the sportbikes.

  2. 1) So they are both a single fallen angel?
    2) Looks like the backdrops were done by the assistant a/v tech of my middle school. Without the video I would think this to be a horrible Basshunter ripoff minus everything good.
    3) Do the motorcycles they are 'riding' have flux capacitors or is it a lackluster throwback to Flight of the Navigator?

    I'm very confused.

  3. Awesomely grim. So bad, it's not even cheesy (unless by 'cheesy' you mean that horrible white stuff with curdled lumps in that they call 'cheese' but really it's just purulent). A total waste of electrons and lip-plumping collagen. Burn down the studio responsible.

  4. and the worst thing is, these girls probably think they are singers now… to think you used to just have to put the girl in the background of a video to get her to put out… I'd like to think somebody got lucky quite a lot for that debockle – and I hope it was worth it…

  5. you all forgot to mention the make up… faces have a different color from bodies…

    anyway, in their defense, they seem to have spent tons of money on production… and this must have been done in europe, as gordon said

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