Track Construction Ableton Live Tutorial

This video, by Andrew Snook, is the first of a series of three tutorial videos on track construction in Ableton Live.

It’s designed to teach you ways you can approach writing a track, from start to finish. It covers topics such as Sound Design, Building Loops and Section Construction, Arrangements and Progressions, and Mixing.

Part 2 looks at extending and developing the hook and then developing the second hook.

The final part looks at developing the second hook and outro, finalizing the arrangement and mixing.

See Snook’s posts at Tron Audio for more details and downloadable files.

Part One | Two | Three

9 thoughts on “Track Construction Ableton Live Tutorial

  1. all i have to say is tom cosm is the man back in march of last year i got ahold of ableton so i could tie in all my software together and the first thing i did when i got was take the tour than look up on youtube to see if there where any good tutorials for it and there was tom cosmand was able to most the basic of the programs down in a span of under 30mins and every time i see hes got a new vid i check it out anyway just to see what he has to say

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