The Serge Modular KlangShifter M-odule


Synthesis Bakis Sirros, aka Parallel Worlds, sends word via the synth forum that a new Serge M-odule has been released:

Its the ‘KlangShifter’ m-odule.

it includes the following modules (from left to Right):

DTG (Dual Transient Generator), MIX PRO (Mixer Processor), FREQUENCY SHIFTER, C/M (a Gate switch, plus lin and exp attenuators), X-Fader.

the official price is 2400 USD.

it is a great m-odule for anyone wanting to get the Serge Frequency shifter module in M-format, plus of course , vc-dual envelope generation, vc-slewing, vc-audio/trigger dividing, vc-gate delay, envelope following, cv mixing/scaling/offseting, vc-X-fading, audio vca, attenuation (exp. and lin.) and manual gate generation

If  you’ve used the Serge Klangshifter, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

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