10 Ableton Live Tips

Ableton Live: Tom Cosm does a “power run” through 10 Ableton Live tips.

Cosm’s tips cover:

  1. Resetting a parameter to its default value
  2. Moving everything in the piano roll up or down an octave.
  3. Drawing lines freehand with the pencil tool
  4. Changing the grid size intro triplets, or off completely using key commands.
  5. Moving just a few notes in the piano roll, select them by holding down Shift and clicking.
  6. Playing back the audio exactly where you last stopped it.
  7. Duplicating a loop AND it’s automation.
  8. Consolidate chopped loops into a neatly timed loop.
  9. Zooming everything out to 100%
  10. Using the virtual keyboard to trigger samples in the drum rack.

See Cosm’s post on this video for more details on the tips he covers here.

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