New Realtime Looping Sequencer For Windows, Prodyon Livemachine

Prodyon Livemachine is a new realtime looping sequencer for Windows.

With Livemachine you can record audio, loops and drumsounds in realtime and then mangle them
using the huge library of onboard effects, including reverb, slicer, grainer and pitcher.

More video demos below.


  • Windows(TM) VST2.0 Effect
  • 8 stereo recording loopers + low- and highpass combi-filters.
  • Reverse playback.
  • Variable recording lengths (up to 20 seconds per channel).
  • Six stereo WAV playback channels (user-loadable, disk-streaming).
  • Synced Drumsampler with 12 Parts and “One-Bar”-looping. (+ overdub).
  • Resampling of every channel in realtime.
  • Input effects section with reverb, delay, ringmodulation to name a few.
  • Built-in voice controlled synthesizer with 3 unique modes.
  • Built-in 16-bands stereo vocoder (WAV players/loopers act as carrier).
  • Two stereo audio outputs (1 Main / 1 Cue with click sound).
  • VU/Peak-metres for every in- and output channel + MIDI CC mapping.
  • Realtime click/pop-free effects operation.
  • MIDI learn for almost any onscreen-control.
  • Standalone and VST operation.
  • Custom coded C++ SE modules.
  • MIDI keyboard with at least 49 keys strongly recommended.

Prodyon Livemachine will be available starting Dec 6th, 2009, and will be available with or without 2GB+ Samplelibrary ($99 / $129). If you pre-order now, you can save $65 US.

Livemachine Jamming

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