Electro-Harmonix Effectology – Making An Electric Piano with Guitar

In this episode of Electro-Harmonix’s Effectology series, Bill Ruppert demonstrates “The Electric Piano Effect”, reminiscent of the keyboard sound heard in the Led Zeppelin song No Quarter.

EHX Pedals featured: Soul Preacher, Stereo Memory Man, MicroSynth, Cathedral, Frequency Analyzer, Voice Box, Pulsar

For more information on these pedals and actual settings visit the Electro- Harmonix Forum.

6 thoughts on “Electro-Harmonix Effectology – Making An Electric Piano with Guitar

  1. I play guitar not keyboards so a second-hand electric piano would do nothing for me.
    Its an exercise in building new sounds for the guitar using effects.
    Many of the effects I use are common ones already owned my many players.
    The goal is rethink what is possible.

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