New Light Controlled Theremin – The Theresynth

This video demos the LABOZ Theresynth.  It’s a hand held, analog synth that’s light-controlled – you play it in the air using light as your sound source.


The Theresynth is battery-powered (1-9V), photocell theremin/synthesizer. It has a 1/4? output, built-in speaker & spaced-out, analog sounds.

They’re handmade and built to last in a solid aluminum, painted, “Electro Harmonix” cases, with color coordinated boutique knobs & wiring, high-quality photocell, red momentary/latch trigger, clear rubber feet and green LED.

The momentary trigger/on-off switch allows you to play individual notes.Then turn on one of the free Magic LED Wand’s 7 strobe settings for some intense oscillations, creating outerworldly sounds & new dimensions (works especially well in the dark). It’s perfect for dramatic, live performances, recordings or just jamming on-the-go, via the built in speaker.

The Theresynth is $130 via the ChamberOfSounds site.

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