Project Preset – Quantum Leap Goliath Orchestra

Torley offers his take on the presets in the massive Quantum Leap Goliath.

It’s part of his Project Preset project, in which he opens up synths, checks out the presets and riffs on the patches. 

Quantum Leap Goliath Pianos

Quantum Leap Goliath New Age Ensembles

Best quote: “Get in touch with your inner spirit! Meditate or something!”

Quantum Leap Goliath Synth Pads

One thought on “Project Preset – Quantum Leap Goliath Orchestra

  1. GreetingsTorley,
    I am about ready to buy Goliath but I also was curious how the general midi sounds? I sometimes need general midi and I have found very few good sounding programs or modules that sound close to real. Any help or advice on Goliath or other software based synths would be great. Thanks, Brian Spectre on FaceBook or email [email protected]

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