Submissions Wanted For Microtonal Chipmusic Compilation

gameboy-sequencerAussie chiptune guru Sebastian Tomczak is looking for submissions for an upcoming microtonal chipmusic compilation:

Microtonality is a field that seems to me to be a little overlooked when it comes to chipmusic. That’s why I thought it would be fun to do a microtonal compilation.

More information about microtonal music can be found here, for example.

++ Software or hardware, real or fake, it’s all good.
++ Tracks must be microtonal as far as the chosen tuning is concerned.
++ Effects are fine.

++ Email submission to: seb dot tomczak at gmail dot com
++ The due date is February 20th 2010
++ Please use the MP3 format at a quality of 192 kbps
++ Please have a lossless or uncompressed version of the track at the ready, just in case

Details, including information on getting your microtonal chiptunes on, are available at the Little Scale site.

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