Lego MindStorms Dance Music

OrganFairy’s Dance Music With MindStorms Sounds:

This piece of music is made completely without sampling or time editing.

Everything is played in real-time in 8 tracks with the MindStorms bricks in front of two microphones. So the melody is actually played on the 4-key LEGO keyboard and the NXT buttons.

The other instruments are Yamaha HE-8 organ Roland JX-8P synthesizer and CR-1000 drum machine. A Revox B77 can also be seen in the background.

via organfairy:

It has been a while since I made music on the MindStorms bricks. But now I present the longest and most complicated piece of MindStorms music I have ever made.

The title of the melody is “the Future Child” and the idea is to make a cheerfull bleepy melody with the NXT’s tones and use the other sounds as effects while an organ and a synthesizer supplies the orchestra.

Most of the pictures are robots made by myself. The rest is something I photographed at the First LEGO League competition in Herning back in 2007. The screenshots are from the NXT-G PC programming tools.

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