Free Drum Samples

drum_tools01_220Wave Alchemy has released a nice selection of free drum samples as a teaser for its upcoming Drum Tools catalog:

To mark Wave Alchemy’s exciting new Drum Tools catalogue we are giving away 150 drum samples taken from our very first Drum Tools library! All you have to do is login and use the purchase box below to download the samples!

Our first Drum Tools release – Minimal Techno & Tech House will be available in Jan 2010! pricing will be around £34.95

Why choose Drum Tools?

  • Exquisitely recorded, 100% original drum hit samples
  • Built from the ground up – Never ripped from vinyl or similar
  • carefully selected signal chain making use of an extensive selection of boutique studio gear and sought-after outboard
  • Edited by hand for maximum precision
  • Carefully layered & Processed with meticulous attention to detail
  • Recorded in 24-bit using top-flight AD converters

You can preview Drum Tools below:

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