Mixtikl 2 Lets You Send Generative Music Via Twitter

intermorphic-mixtikl2-generative-music-mixer-dvdIntermorphic today launched Mixtikl 2, an update to its multi-platform generative music sequencer, and they’ve added a Twitter angle to it.

Mixtikl is available for Mac, Windows, Windows Mobile and eventually for iPhone.

All Mixtikl versions include over 100 generative “parts” that can be added to a mix, over 30 loop beats, a MIDI DLS wavetable synth and over 50 FX presets and 75 Synth presets. Intermorphic’s generative music heritage means Mixtikl 2 presently excels at ambient mixes, with the range of technology under the hood allowing it to create much more.

Mixtikl creations can be shared via Twitter with other users. Intermorphic calls the generative music mix tweets “tikls” [“tickles”], but Mixtikl can also play short chorded tunes & sound fx tikls as well.

You can download and use the software for 30 days to try it out. If you want to use it after 30 days, a license is required.


Three versions are available:

  • Mixtikl 2 for Mac & Windows desktop (launch price of $19.99) comprises a standalone version, a VST plugin for music sequencers, and a plugin for web browsers. The Mixtikl browser plugin allows tikls or more advanced and customised mixes to be played in a webpage.
  • Mixtikl 2 for Windows mobile (launch price of $4.99) is available at launch for both Windows mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone.
  • Mixtikl 2 for iPhone / iPod touch is to be submitted to Apple iTunes within days.

Audio demos and demo versions are available at their site.

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