8 Free Virtual Instruments For Christmas

gnomehammer-contestTonehammer is offering 8 virtual instruments that are Christmas-themed as free downloads.

The free virtual instruments include:

  • Ball Choir
  • Helium Choir
  • Holy Ambience
  • Kazoo Ensemble
  • PVC Beatbox Ensemble
  • Sleigh Bells
  • Snow Drums and
  • Toy Glockenspiel

The “Gnomehammer” instruments are all a bit twisted.

Here’s Tonehammer’s description of the latest:

The Ball Choir represents a landmark in sampling, as its the first time anybody has captured the sound of Santa’s manic dungeon. The patch is a delicate recording of Santa punishing the Gnomes for their negligent and reckless behavior. The patch is essentially a Helium Choir patch contain a nasty “Auuuuchhh” Gnomehammer scream, however the modwheel controls the amount of gnome testicle ball crunch sound, so use it care and do NOT try this at home!

Emphasis ours.

Tonehammer has also announced a related contest.

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