The Music From Outer Space Multi-Function Module

music-from-outer-space-multi-function-moduleMusic From Outer Space has introduced a new synth DIY project – the Multi-Function Module.


The Multi-Function Module is a nice assortment of tools for any synth. The voltage meter lets you have a graphical idea of where that voltage level you like to use to modulate your filter or vca is so that later repeating it will be easier.

Although simple in nature the voltmeter is useful and has several input ranges (+/-1V, +/-5V and +/-10V). Whereas an analog or even a digital meter takes time to find the level this circuit lights the LED immediately giving you a rough idea of the voltage level you’re looking at even when it is changing rapidly.

The DC mixers let you mix LFO outputs or change the scale of your keyboard’s voltage output to less than 1V per octave to achieve non-tempered scales. The lag processors both give plenty of range to go from almost immediate voltage following to delays lasting many seconds before the output voltage arrives at the level fed into the input.


  • LED Voltage Level Meter
  • Two 3 input DC voltage mixers with offset adjust and normal and inverted outputs.
  • Linear Lag Processor (long and short time select).
  • RC Lag Processor (long and short time select).

The Multi-Function Module is available as a PC board for $18.

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