The Coolest Ipod Dock Ever Features Coffee Table, Subwoofer + Friggin’ Lasers!


OT: What do you get when you combine a coffee table, speakers and friggin’ lasers?

The coolest iPod dock ever.

The electro coffee table was designed by London-based Moritz Waldemeyer. The unit, which accommodates speakers, an iPod dock and a ‘Haze Machine’, fires into life when the lights go down, beaming out friggin’ lasers to form a “futuristic dancing cage”.


We could definitely find a place for this in the our music laboratory, so the go-go dancers would have a place to do their thing. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale…..yet.

We’re hoping that an industrious Synthtopia reader will reverse engineer this, using a monome, Max For Live and 64 laser pointers to create the ultimate futuristic dancing cage music controller.

Any takers?

via weheart

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