NAMM 2010 – Doepfer Intros A-187-1 Voltage Controlled DSP Effects Module


NAMM 2010: Doepfer has introduced the A-187-1 Voltage Controlled DSP Effects Module.


Module A-187-1 is a DSP based effects module with voltage control of four parameters of the selected digital effect (with manual control and CV input with attenuator for each parameter).

The effect is selected by means of up/down buttons. The upper row of the display shows the currently selected effect (e.g. reverb, delay, pitchshift). In the lower row the four parameters are shown as well as a small bar left from the abbreviation that displays the current parameter value.

Each parameter can be adjusted manually (upper row of controls) and modified by external control voltages (lower row of the controls and upper row of the sockets). The lower row of the sockets containes the two audio inputs and outputs. Another button (bypass) is used to turn the effect on/off. When bypass is chosen the upper line of the display shows in turn “BYPASS” and the name of the pre-selected effect. In the bypass mode another effect can be pre-selected and called-up by pressing the bypass button again. Even the effect parameters can be adjusted and are displayed with the bar graphs. But they become effective not before the bypass mode is left.

Date of Delivery: January 2010 (just after NAMM) Price: Euro 250.00

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