The Doepfer A-100TKB Touch Sensor Keyboard


2010 NAMM Show: Doepfer has introduced the A-100TKB Touch Sensor Keyboard (Prototype #3), an upcoming addition to the Doepfer Modular Synthesizer:

The latest version has a non-keyboard layout but 16 equal shaped areas and uses another working principle (capacity change of the pads instead of the hum noise detection of versions 1 and 2).

We will decide after NAMM which version of the TKB will be manufactured (keyboard layout or non-keyboard layout, shape and dimension of the pads, module or stand-alone unit, and so on).

For this we will start a poll after NAMM.

Date of Delivery: ~ summer 2010 Price: ~ from Euro 100.00 for the simplest solution (module version with 16 small pads like the prototype #3)

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