Too Many Sexy Synths At The 2009 Kufstein Synthesizer Meeting

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Saturday Synth Porn: Impressions of the synthesizer meeting in Kufstein 2009.

via Metunar:

I made some Recordings and Pictures at the Synthesizer Meeting in Kufstein Austria 2009.

The Sound you here on the Video corresponds to the Synth you see.

There are no external Sound-Effects used.

Eindrücke des Synthesizer Treffens in Kufstein Österreich 2009.
Die Klänge die man im Video hört entsprechen den Synthesizern die man in den Bildern sieht.
Externe Effekte wurden keine benutzt.

2 thoughts on “Too Many Sexy Synths At The 2009 Kufstein Synthesizer Meeting

  1. Agreed, the Waldorf Wave sounds awesome, wonder if I can get those sounds out of Largo. I would have given up certain appendages to mess around with some of the stuff. Anyway this has given me an idea, try to compose something with all these nice analog samples using Logic and Melodyne DNA

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